It is with immense pride that we celebrate the first anniversary of our management microprogram, an initiative undertaken in partnership with HEC Montréal, in Canada. This innovative program was designed to strengthen the skills of our teams in Canada and support their personal and professional growth.

The spirit of collaboration is a fundamental aspect of our management microprogram, and it is fully embodied in a remarkable initiative led by the 78 members of this first cohort: a platform dedicated to the exchange and resale of books. This platform, born out of the participants' desire to support each other, allows them to share resources and enrich their collective learning journey. It is a concrete illustration of the OneTeam culture at Couche-Tard.

The impact of our management microprogram far exceeds initial expectations, and nothing could better testify to this success than the inspiring words of our participants themselves.

I really encourage you to participate in this program. Couche-Tard and HEC offer us a superb opportunity to continue our studies while working. It is a bit demanding, I will not hide it from you, but the pride that it brings us is far greater! We have only completed the 'Communication Skills' course and we have learned several concepts that we can immediately put into practice with our teams. It is really relevant. In addition, we have the chance to share these moments with exceptional people! We are creating bonds with colleagues whom we probably would not have had the chance to meet otherwise! I am very happy to have embarked on this adventure! I highly recommend it!

Johannie Tremblay, District Manager

This success is the result of our commitment to providing our people with the right tools and making learning as flexible and accessible as possible. Our goal is to continue to support and celebrate each step of our teams' professional journey, offering them the best learning and development opportunities.

Thank you to all our participants for their dedication and hard work throughout this first year. We are eager to see what the next year holds for us and to continue growing together.