Fossil fuel continues to be a necessity in most of our customers’ lives, but we are committed to contribute to future solutions regarding cleaner alternatives and reduced emissions and to support our customers and communities in this transition along the way.


We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint and use resources more efficiently. We strive to be recognized as a leading retailer in reducing energy consumption, by improving the energy efficiency of our equipment and operations.

Packaging & Waste

As a global provider of convenience items, we are continuously reducing the amount of waste through improved processes, working with reusing and recycling as well as introducing more sustainable packaging choices for our products.

Fuel & Sustainable alternatives

As one of the world leaders in convenience and mobility, we’ve identified three areas within fuel sustainability where we can make the greatest impact: renewable fuels, electric vehicle charging, and carbon offsetting. 

Ambition 2030

10% greater

than global legislation related to renewable fuel.

Louise Warner

Senior Vice President Global Fuels and Executive Sponsor for Fuel and Net Zero

We are committed to contributing to future solutions regarding cleaner alternatives and reduced emissions, and to supporting our customers and communities in this transition along the way. Through practical changes in our supply chain and the products we offer to customers, we are on the path to greater fuel sustainability.

Building EV Charging Networks Building EV Charging Networks

We reached a milestone of 1,000 electric vehicle chargers in Europe. Together with our charging partners, we now have more than 1,085 EV chargers, covering more than 250 stations from Norway throughout Scandinavia, and other European countries. We continue to expand our own fast charging network, with  a  focus  on  Scandinavia.  In addition, we continue to  develop  our  home and workplace charging solutions in Norway with 7,850 charging points.  

In 2022, we began our U.S. roll-out of electric vehicle chargers. In North America, we are finalizing the operational platform for owned and operated chargers and have collaborated with partners to open our first chargers. In May, we opened our first Circle K charging points in South Carolina to serve our growing base of EV customers. 

Reducing our fuel emissions Reducing our fuel emissions

Across our company-owned fuel delivery tanker fleet, we use a program to monitor the performance of our vehicles. Through this system, we obtain details on driving behaviour and engine idle times. To help lower CO emissions, we actively encourage economic driving style (limit excessive acceleration, idle time etc.). We recently added state-of-the-art vehicles to our company-owned fuel delivery tanker fleet, equipped with the latest in emissions technology. 

Carbon footprint

We continue to roll out an energy management system at our North American stores and are conducting pilots at a number of sites in Europe. This system gives us a clear picture of energy consumption, helping to ensure that we use energy responsibly at a local level. In FY22, we carried out over 10,000 energy-reducing projects globally including remotely controlling exterior lighting and interior heating and cooling requirements. We also track our store-level energy usage monthly through our outlier investigation process. This enables us to conduct store-level reviews and identify stores with the greatest potential for energy reduction. 

Ambition 2030


of our sites to be carbon neutral

Aaron Brooks

Senior Vice President Real Estate &Executive Sponsor for Energy

This past year, we took a number of steps to improve the energy efficiency of our equipment and operations. By reducing our energy consumption, we are supporting the transition to a cleaner future not just for our company, but for the communities where we work and live.

As a global provider of convenience items, we have a significant role to play in helping to reduce waste. We are actively engaged in industry conversations bringing together partners and competitors to explore innovative solutions. We are continuously working to reduce our own waste, reducing packaging sizes and exploring more sustainable packaging options. While we progress on our targets, the external environment is changing at a rapid rate and developments in local market legislation will undoubtedly have an impact on our work. One such example is the recent European Union legislation that has impacted the number of packaging units that we can record as fully sustainable. Across North America and Europe, many of our business units run campaigns to encourage customers and team members to bring their own reusable cups and mugs. This initiative was severely impacted by Covid-19 restrictions where customers were unable to bring their own cups for hygiene reasons. In FY22, we saw a return to pre-Covid usage behavior and actively encourage customers to bring their own cups, helping to reduce our cup waste levels. 

Ambition 2030


of our packaging will be recyclable or reusable

Lewis Kevin

Kevin Lewis

Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Sponsor for Packaging and Waste

We want to contribute to a more sustainable future by using our reach for the greater good. As a global provider of convenience items, we believe we can play a significant role in waste reduction. We are working both internally and collaborating with vendors across the value chain to find ways to introduce more sustainable solutions to reduce waste.

First retailer with 100% sustainably-sourced or certified coffee globally First retailer with 100% sustainably-sourced or certified coffee globally

The sustainably-sourced coffee program is built around three pillars: farm productivity, environmental practices, and social development. These high-quality coffee beans will come from participating farms around the world while providing valuable tools, training and services to coffee farmers and their communities.

Recovering and Recycling Water Recovering and Recycling Water

Our PurWater Reclaim and Reject Recovery Systems, deployed across various sites in U.S. and Canada, enable us to recover up to 80% of water used in our car washes. All new North American car wash sites are equipped with these reclaim and recovery systems. All our car wash services in Europe use environmentally adapted chemicals. 

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