Our Communities

The world is becoming increasingly connected every day. As the actions of one company can have an impact on people and societies all over the world, everyone needs to take responsibility beyond their own operations.

Responsible procurement

The choices we make regarding what products and services to procure have considerable effects on the future of a more sustainable supply chain.

Sustainable Finance

Our commitment to sustainability extends to the financing of our operations via the issuance of our Green Bonds, the first of its kind by a convenience and fuel retailer, which invests over US $300 million in projects that support sustainable solutions.

Supporting the communities where we operate

We have over 14,000 stores across the world, located in the heart of communities. Through our proximity to customers, we have an opportunity to contribute to people’s lives by investing and engaging in the areas where we operate.  

Support Ukrainian relief efforts Support Ukrainian relief efforts

The armed conflict in Ukraine has had a profound impact on many of the communities we serve. Our company has a strong presence in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland with over 6,500 team members and over 600 stores. In March 2022, we launched an in-store fund-raising campaign in over 2,500 of our European stores. With our “You Donate, We’ll Match” campaign, we pledged to match customer donations to support the relief efforts of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in Ukraine and neighbouring countries. Soon after, we extended this campaign to the majority of our North American stores and partnered with the American Red Cross and Canadian Red Cross in an effort to raise $4 million across our network for Red Cross’ relief efforts. 

Supporting Children & Youth at risk Supporting Children & Youth at risk

Across our global network, we support different organizations and non-profits that are working to help children and youth in need by investing in local initiatives through donations and employee volunteering. We aim to empower our communities to have a positive impact on the lives of youth and provide opportunities for healthy and active lifestyles. We also sponsor and run charities for multiple youth organizations and sports activities. For ins tance, our Froster Active Kids program in Ontario, Canada helps fund athletics programs and other initiatives that support youth empowerment.

We engage with suppliers through a due diligence process to understand and assess supplier programs. We look at business integrity, quality, health & safety, labour conditions, human rights, environmental issues, and ethical practices, among other topics. In the U.S. and Canada, we have clauses on environmental issues, safety, security and ethics. In Europe, suppliers are required to complete our supplier declaration to attest their commitment of compliance to our requirements, which includes our environmental, social and governance expectations.

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