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The world is becoming increasingly connected every day. As the actions of one company can have an impact on people and societies all over the world, everyone needs to take responsibility beyond their own operations.

Responsible procurement

The choices we make regarding what products and services to procure have considerable effects on the future of a more sustainable supply chain.

Sustainable Finance

Our commitment to sustainability extends to the financing of our operations via the issuance of our Green Bonds, the first of its kind by a convenience and fuel retailer, which invests over US $300 million in projects that support sustainable solutions.

Supporting the communities where we operate

We have over 14,000 stores across the world, located in the heart of communities. Through our proximity to customers, we have an opportunity to contribute to people’s lives by investing and engaging in the areas where we operate.  

Support people in need Support people in need

Across our network throughout the year, our business units hold fundraising activities and events to support local organizations and give back to the communities where we work and live. In Canada, for example, through customer and employee contributions, ACT raised $290,000 for Centraide du Grand Montréal (United Way), an organization dedicated to fighting poverty and social exclusion.

Supporting Children & Youth at risk Supporting Children & Youth at risk

Of Youth Mental Health’s 100 volunteers, 16 of them are from Circle K; they donate two evenings per month to chat with youth who struggle with mental health challenges. Last year, YMH hosted 4,000 chat dialogues, each between a volunteer and struggling youth or young adults aged 18 to 35 years old.

Responsible Procurement

With our global footprint, the decisions we make in our procurement processes can have a considerable impact. We constantly strive to build a more sustainable supply chain.

We recently added new requirements in all contracts with Circle K private-brand and packaging suppliers to join in our efforts to improve our impact on the planet.

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