After piloting in several key areas in North America, ACT’s car wash subscription service is officially launched in Canada, with deployment in over 80 sites in Quebec (as part of the Couche-Tard app) with upcoming deployments planned in the rest of Canada.

An innovative milestone, this car wash subscription model is a first of its kind in Canada! In September, the Unlimited Circle K Car Wash program was launched in Europe allowing customers to sign in and benefit from the subscription in 192 stores in Denmark thanks to the Circle K car wash app.

We are proud to be the first subscription-based service where customers can sign up, wash with ease and no worries at all. Offering three different packages, the ability to upgrade or downgrade, single washes, automatic monthly billing, two washes per day, half-price trial period… we have something special for everyone!

Sameer Haidari, Canadian Car Wash Lead for Circle K/Couche-Tard

Sustainability was also top of mind in building this program, with a priority to responsible water management, replacing, recovering, and recycling water wherever possible. Recent upgrades to car wash equipment providing a better car wash experience all while also using less water and chemicals. For each system replaced, an estimated 326,000 litres of water and 9,000 litres of chemicals is saved per year! In other words, in addition to making it easier for customers, it is also an opportunity to have a positive impact as one of the world’s leading car wash networks with over 2,750 sites.

This is another testament to how Couche-Tard/Circle K is paving the way in convenience and making it a little easier every day for customers. It also shows our great agility and collaboration between global operations teams and leveraging our scale. The response has been very positive so far from customers and we look forward to continuing deploying this model in our network.

Lars Kiib Hecht, Car Wash Global Lead

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