Sustainability Focus Areas

We have established five focus areas that anchor our sustainability initiatives and align with the 17 United Nations (‘UN’) Sustainable Development Goals.


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Our Five Focus Areas

Customer Experience

Make it easier for customers to access fresh, healthy and sustainable options


responsible consumption and production

Putting our customers’ needs first is at the heart of everything we do. Our focus is on elevating the customer journey and making it easier for people on-the-go to enjoy quality offers and great service.

Why does customer experience matter?

The shift towards socially and environmentally conscious trends combined with a fast paced on-the-go culture is opening up new possibilities to offer our customers easier and better-for-you choices.

Changing tastes in customer segments – including workers, families and retirees – is accelerating how we evolve to meet demands for fresher, healthier and more sustainable options. Low sugar alternatives, local products, cleaner energy, environmentally-friendly services, and cage-free eggs are just some of these trends.

Already, many of our stores around the world are exploring opportunities for a diverse array of fresh food and beverage offerings combined with low carbon fuels, electric vehicle charging stations and more environmentally friendly car washes.

As we continue to consolidate under a global brand, we will embrace opportunities as they arise, share best practices to scale and provide access to sustainable options.

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Talent Development

Invest in our people and deliver first class retail level recruitment and training


decent work and economic growth

Our worldwide community of people are at the heart of our business. It is their commitment, motivation and talent that have made us a successful convenience store operator.

Why does talent development matter?

Being an inclusive and respectful employer committed to helping our people, of all backgrounds, grow with our business is what differentiates us and drives our success across geographical areas and cultures.

We have a strong set of values, a culture based on pride, and a focus on talent and development.

We are committed to providing an inclusive and respectful workplace that supports and inspires our people to do their best, and perform in a safe and healthy environment. Every year, we engage employees on our values and progress, listening to their views through our annual internal employee survey.

Through ongoing investments in programs and digital solutions, we want our employees to feel proud of what they do, who they work for and the difference they make.

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Environmental Management

Reduce our environmental footprint, use resources efficiently, and help protect our planet


climate action

Environmental sustainability is an important priority for us. Our focus is to find innovative ways to use resources efficiently, reduce our carbon footprint, and minimize the waste generated by our products and services.

Why does environmental management matter?

The effects of climate change and water scarcity combined with resource constraints are considerations we take seriously, as we grow our business and develop and operate our stores. We recognize the important responsibility we have to protect the environment and minimize our footprint by finding innovative ways to do more with less.

Over the years, we have worked hard to reduce our energy consumption, conserve water, and manage waste through circular principles. Our energy committee, comprised of representatives from across our Business Units, is helping us share best practices and scale the best solutions across our network.

By reducing our footprint and using resources efficiently we can reduce costs, build competitiveness and improve our service offering.

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Community Engagement

Make a positive contribution to the lives of people in the communities where we operate and source our merchandise


sustainable cities and communities

We are committed to being a good neighbour by contributing to safe, healthy, and vibrant communities. In addition to supporting local community causes, we also contribute through strategic investments and partnerships to support youth and prevent crime.

Why does community engagement matter?

We are passionate about giving back to the neighbourhoods where we work and live, and the opportunity to make a real and meaningful difference in people’s lives. Through our global network of stores, we are deeply rooted in our communities both large and small, giving us an important social platform to effect change.

For us, community engagement takes place in two ways. First, we participate in investments and partnerships that use our presence in communities to provide real social benefits, while adding value to our business in the areas of youth and crime prevention.

We also make donations and raise funds for numerous local causes in the many neighbourhoods around the world where we are present – including in education, health, sports, environment, arts and culture. Supporting these causes close to home is important to us and one of the best ways to meet local needs and also engage customers, community representatives and employees.

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Drive a strong values-based culture adhering to high standards of ethical conduct and compliance


partnerships for the goals

Anchored by our core values, we strive to conduct our business to the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity, engaging our partners and transparently reporting as part of our commitment to be open about our business activities.

Why does governance matter?

Embedding our values-based culture across our worldwide network is an integral part of our success. As we continue to grow our global brand, we are creating a common culture to unite our focus on becoming the world’s preferred destination for convenience and fuel.

Our core values – what we call ACT with PRIDE includes People, Results, Improvement, Development and Entrepreneurship – set the foundation for how we work. Our values are backed by strong leadership, a clear code of ethics, robust compliance systems, and training to help us always do what’s best.

We believe the quality of our decision-making depends on our insights into the many communities where we operate, including on social, environmental and governance issues. Our ongoing stakeholder engagements are focused on understanding these interests, encouraging responsible behaviours, and finding innovative ways to accelerate the learnings.

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