ACT Family DNA

  • People make us stand out from our competitors
  • Results matter
  • Improvement drives us
  • Development is always looking ahead
  • Entrepreneurship means that we think like customers and act like owners


We take pride in People, Results, Improvement, Development and Entrepreneurship

  • PEOPLE make us stand out from our competitors. We take an interest in our customers and connect with them to create long-lasting relationships – every chance we get.
  • RESULTS matter. Our stores and stations are our livelihood. The customer experience we deliver is what generates value for our stakeholders.
  • IMPROVEMENT drives us. We continuously seek to improve our processes and performance, working in teams to learn from each other and from the best.
  • DEVELOPMENT is always looking ahead. We are hungry for growth, developing our business customer by customer, store by store and nation by nation.
  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP means that we challenge ourselves every day to think like customers and act like owners.