President’s Message

Brian Hannasch

President and Chief Executive Officer

This year, for the first time, Couche-Tard achieved the highest revenue of any Canadian-based company! This success is rooted in our unique business model and our extraordinary financial discipline, powered by our family of 130,000 amazing people around the world.

We operate at two clock speeds to drive excellence—now, and in the future. Our organization is laser-focused on our vision of becoming the world’s preferred destination for convenience and fuel: growing our global brand, making it easier for the 9 million customers we meet every day, constantly improving operations, developing unique products and services and learning from each other as we acquire new businesses and engaged productive teams.

Secondly, a small, leadership team is just as laser-focused on the rapidly changing retail landscape. While we take comfort in the fact that 83% of the products sold are consumed within 60 minutes of purchase, we know that changes in customer habits and expectations are accelerating. So we are embracing the opportunities uncovered by mining our data and using digital platforms, artificial intelligence, robotics and changing mobility—all in order to meet the changing needs of our customers and deliver a more tailored offer, which we believe is key to remaining a growth company for our shareholders.

Our business model, anchored in our financial strength, powers our growth, both organically and by acquisition. We reap the benefits of organizational synergies enterprise-wide, while unleashing the power of our people at the local level. This year’s acquisitions of CST and Holiday in the United States and Canada have provided exceptional mutual synergies and learning that enrich the whole organization.

Internally, we seek to remove friction and lower costs. Our dedicated people are working on ways to remove friction from the consumer experience, whether that be in our stores, our car washes or at the fuel pumps. We offer them what they need on the last mile to and from home – plus the gift of time!

As customers’ tastes change and shopping habits evolve, we will be there for them.

I am convinced that our unique and powerful culture is what differentiates us – which is why we nurture it fiercely. It is the driver of our journey, as we create one global brand, attract new customers into our stores, understand them and personalize their local experience with us. Our people are the foundation of it all: their energy and engagement generate strong customer relationships, motivated teams and growing success on every front. Together, our future is bright!

Brian Hannasch