Acquisition of Holiday Stationstores, Inc., which represents a network of 522 company-operated and franchise locations in 10 U.S. states, two food commissaries, and a fuel terminal. Holiday Stationstores, Inc. is an important player in the U.S. Midwest region.

Couche-Tard and its Circle K stores in Europe partner with Ionity – a joint venture of major automakers – for high-power charging across Europe.

In July 2017, Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. announced the nomination of the company’s new first Chief Marketing Officer; Kevin Lewis.

Acquisition of CST Brands, Inc. and conclusion of the transaction with Parkland Fuel Corporation. This significantly adds to its store network in the United States and Canada with close to 1,300 stores, including 666 locations in Texas, for a total of close to 9,500 stores in North America.

In April 2017, Deborah Hall Lefevre joined Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. as Chief Information Officer.

In March 2017, Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. appointed Ina Strand to a newly created leadership role of Chief Human Resources Officer.

Couche-Tard buys assets of Premium 7 network in Estonia to purchase majority of the assets operated under the Premium 7® brand from Sevenoil Est OÜ and its affiliates. The assets are comprised of 23 sites, including 11 full service fuel stations with convenience stores and 12 automated fuel stations.


Acquisition, from Sevenoil Est OÜ and its affiliates, of 23 company-operated sites located in Estonia of which 11 are full service fuel stations with convenience stores and 12 are unmanned automated fuel stations.

Acquisition of Topaz Energy Group Ltd. in Ireland. Topaz is the leading convenience and fuel retailer in Ireland, with a network made up of 444 stations across the island of Ireland, more than 30 depots and two owned terminals.

Acquisition from A/S Dansk Shell in Denmark of 131 sites, among which 74 are full-service stations, 49 are unmanned automated fuel stations and 8 are truck stops.

Acquisition from Imperial Oil Retail of 279 Esso-branded fuel and convenience sites in Ontario and Québec. Of these sites, 229 are located in Ontario – the majority of which are in the Greater Toronto Area – and 50 sites are located in Québec. All of the Québec sites are in the Greater Montréal Area or on the south shore of Montréal. The agreement also includes 13 land banks and 2 dealer sites, as well as a long-term supply agreement for Esso-branded fuel.


Acquisition from Texas Star of 18 convenience stores, two free-standing Subway stores and a dealer fuel supply network located in the southern part of State of Texas.

Acquisition from Kocolene Marketing LLC of 13 company-operated stores in the States of Indiana and Kentucky.

Couche-Tard launches global Circle K brand, the world’s preferred destination for convenience and fuel.

Acquisition from Cinco J, Inc., Tiger Tote Food Stores, Inc. of 21 company-operated stores,141 dealer fuel supply agreements and five development properties in the States of Texas, Mississipi and Louisiana.

Acquisition of The Pantry, Inc., a leading convenience store operator in the southeastern United States and one of the largest independently operated convenience store chains in the United States.  The Pantry operates approximately 1,500 stores in 13 states under select banners, including Kangaroo Express®, its primary operating banner.  The Pantry’s stores offer a broad selection of merchandise, as well as fuel and other services.


Acquisition from Tri Star Marketing, inc., of 55 stores under the Super Pantry banner.  51 stores are located in Illinois and 4 stores in Indiana, United States.

Acquisition from Garvin Oil Company, of 13 company-operated stores and two non-operating sitesth Carolina, United States.


Acquisition from Albuquerque Convenience and Retail LLC, of 23 company-operated stores operating in New Mexico, United States.

Acquisition from Publix Super Markets Inc., of 11 company-operated stores, 9 nine of which are located in Florida and the other 2 in Georgia.

Acquisition from Baron-Huot Oil Company of 9 stores, 8 company-operated and one operated by an independant operator.

Acquisition from ExxonMobil, of 60 company-operated stores.

Acquisition from Dickerson Petroleum Inc., of 29 company-operated stores operating in Illinois, Missouri and Oklahoma.


Acquisition from Kum & Go L.C. of Energy, of
7 company-operated stores operating in Washington, United States.

Acquisition from Davis Oil Company, of 7 company-operated stores operating in Georgia, United States.

Acquisition through its wholly-owned indirect subsidiary, Mac’s Convenience Stores LLC, of 29 stores located in Illinois, Missouri and Oklahoma, United States.

Acquisition from Sun Pacific Energy, of 27 company-operated stores operating in Washington State, United States.

Acquisition from Florida Oil Holdings LLC, of
29 company-operated stores operating in Florida, United States.

Acquisition of Statoil Fuel & Retail, a leading Scandinavian road transport fuel retailer. Statoil Fuel & Retail operates a broad retail network across Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Denmark), Poland, the Baltics (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), and Russia with approximately 2,300 stores, the majority of which offer fuel and convenience products while the others are automated (fuel only) stations.

Acquisition from Signature Austin Stores, of
20 company-operated stores operating in Texas, United States.

Acquisition from Dead River Company, of
17 company-operated stores operating in Maine, United States.


Acquisition from Neighbors Stores Inc. of
11 company-operated stores operating under the Neighbors banner in North Carolina, United States.

Acquisition from ExxonMobil of 33 company-operated stores operating under the On the Run banner in Louisiana, United States.

Acquisition, through RDK Ventures LLC, from Supervalu Inc., of 27 stores operating in the Chicago area, Illinois, United States. The agreement also includes the transfer to RDK Ventures LLC of two vacant land parcels.

Acquisition, from Chico Enterprises Inc., of
26 company-operated stores operating in northern West Virginia, United States, an area contiguous to our operations in Ohio.

Acquisition of 5 company-operated stores operating under the Gas City banner of which one is located in Arizona and 4 in the Chicago area, Illinois, United States. The 4 sites in Chicago were acquired through RDK Ventures LLC.

Acquisition from Shell Canada Products of
11 company-operated stores located in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia, Canada.


Acquisition from Compac Food Stores Inc. of
10 company-operated stores. Nine of the stores are located in the greater Mobile, Alabama, United States and one is located in Pensacola, Florida, United States.

Acquisitiom from Crystal Flash Petroleum, LLC of
12 company-operated stores located in central Indiana, United States.

Acquisition from Accel Marketing LLC of 8 company-operated stores in central North Carolina, United States.

Acquisition from BP West Coast Products LLC their terminal facilities located in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. The terminal facilities include 16 storage tanks with a storage capacity of 220,000 barrels. The terminal is approved for 44,000 barrels per day and has access to petroleum products from refineries on the West Coast and in the Gulf Coast region of the United States.

Through its joint venture with Shell Oil Products US, RDK Ventures LLC, Couche-Tard participate in the acquisition of 100 stores owned by Shell, 69 of which are company-operated and the remaining 31 stores are operated by third party operators.


Couche-Tard purchases 13 stores located in the Province of Québec, from Exploitation Quali-T Inc., a subsidiary of Groupe Therrien.

Couche-Tard purchases 7 company-operated stores from Gate Petroleum Company. The acquired stores operate under the Gate banner in the Greensboro and Raleigh regions of North Carolina, United States.


Couche-Tard and Irving Oil Limited expand their partnership to include 252 stores across Atlantic Canada and New England.

Couche-Tard signs with GR Vietnam International Limited a master franchise and license agreement for the exclusive development of the Circle K Brand in the Social Republic of Vietnam.

Acquisition of 83 stores operated under the Convenient Food Mart banner from Spirit Energy, LLC, located in the St.Louis Missouri area and nearby central Illinois area.

Acquisition of 15 stores operated under the Speedway banner from Speedway Superamerica, LLC, located in central Illinois.


Couche-Tard concludes a sale and leaseback transaction with Cole Capital relating to 83 properties for US$ 131.4 million.

Couche-Tard launches its Share Repurchase Program.

Acquisition of 28 stores operated under the Sterling banner from Sterling Stores, LLC, located in northwest Ohio.

Acquisition of 53 stores operated under the All Star banner from Star Fuel Marts, LLC, located in Oklahoma city.


Acquisition of 13 stores operated under the Groovin Noovin banner from Richcor, Inc. The 13 convenience stores are located in the Pansacola, Florida market.

Acquisition of 236 sites from Shell Oil Products US and its affiliate Motiva Enterprises LLC. These sites, converted to the Circle K brand, are located in Baton Rouge, Denver, greater Memphis area, Orlando, Southeast Florida and Tampa.

Acquisition of 54 stores located in Ohio from Holland Oil Company. These stores operated under Holland Oil and Close to Home.

Acquisition from Sparky’s Oil Company of 24 stores located in West Central Florida.

Acquisition of 90 stores operated under the Spectrum banner, located in major markets throughout the states of Georgia and Alabama.


Couche-Tard grants a master franchise agreement for Mexico for the Circle K brand to a subsidiary of Grupo Kaltex, S.A. de C.V. providing for the opening of 250 stores within the next five years.

Signature of an agreement with ConocoPhillips Company for the conversion of an additional
75 convenience stores of ConocoPhillips’ network, located in the Western half of the U.S., to the Circle K brand.

Couche-Tard adds 78 stores to its store count, all sites located in the United States.

Signing of an agreement with Allied Domecq Quick Service Restaurants for the development of 65 Dunkin’ Donuts in Ohio during the next six years.


Acquisition from Shell Oil Products of 22 stores located in Arizona, converted into Circle K stores.


Acquisition of The Circle K Corporation from ConocoPhillips Company that operates 1,663 Circle K corporate stores located in 16 States and has a franchising or licensing relationship with 627 additional stores in the U.S. and worldwide.

Agreement with Allied Domecq Quick Service Restaurants (ADQSR) whereby Couche-Tard acquires the master franchise of Dunkin’ Donuts throughout Quebec : 104 Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants.

Acquisition of 92 Dairy Mart stores as well as
43 stores from Clark Retail Enterprises located in the United States Midwest.


Acquisition of its first network of non-traditional stores, Tabatout, a network of 30 stores in Quebec, which is part of Couche-Tard’s strategy to develop a network of stores located in high-traffic areas such as office buildings, shopping centres, airports and subway stations.

Acquisition of 12 stores from Bruce Miller Oil Company, 16 Handy Andy Food Stores and 287 Dairy Mart stores all located in the United States Midwest.


Acquisition of R-Con Centres Inc., Mac’s master franchise in Manitoba and acquisition from BP Amoco of
6 stores located in the United States Midwest.

First breakthrough of Couche-Tard in the United States : acquisition of the assets of Johnson Oil Company, Inc., owner of 225 Bigfoot stores, all located in the U.S. Midwest. With a solid management team, one of the best profitability track records in the U.S. convenience retailing industry, and strong growth potential in a booming, highly fragmented market, make this acquisition a perfect fit for Couche-Tard.


Twenty years after the opening of its first store and two decades of development and growth, Couche-Tard is positioned as the leader in the Canadian convenience store industry and the ninth largest convenience retailer in North America with 1,625 stores, 460 of which have motor fuel. Some 11,500 people work throughout its network and at head office.

Announcement of the implementation of a state of the art distribution center for the Quebec operations, which created over 100 jobs in the Montreal region.


Acquisition of Silcorp Limited, which owned
980 stores located in Ontario and Western Canada operated under Mac’s, Mike’s Mart and Beckers banners.


Acquisition of 7 stores located on the North and South shores of Montreal operated under the banner Tôt ou Tard.


Acquisition of C-Corp Inc. from Provigo Inc., owner of 245 Provi-Soir stores in Quebec and some 50 Wink’s in Ontario and Western Canada, which represents a major step and forms a foundation for further growth, both internally and through acquisitions outside Quebec.


The network comprises 304 convenience stores, 220 of which are Company-operated, 35 franchises and 49 affiliated stores.


Acquisition of 86 Perrette stores in Quebec.


Acquisition of 60 Mac’s/La Maisonnée stores from Silcorp Limited.


Acquisition of the Sept-Jours Convenience Store division of Metro-Richelieu Inc. The network grows to
115 stores.


After five years of operation, the network comprises 34 stores, including 31 franchises, which are all rebranded under Couche-Tard.


Acquisition of 11 stores operated under the Couche-Tard brand, all located in the Quebec city region.


Start of operations with the opening of a first convenience store located in Laval, Québec.