Founder’s Message

Alain Bouchard

Founder and Executive Chairman of the Board

Our inspiration

When we opened our first store, my partners and I had one motivation: to make our customers’ lives easier by offering them the products they need when they need them. From that single convenience-only store in Laval, Québec, we kept growing across the globe. To say the least, I am still amazed by the scope of Couche-Tard’s network today, which now includes over 16,000 stores in 26 countries and territories. Thirty-nine years later, after exciting transformations and changes, our customers and our employees remain the driving force guiding our decisions and actions. To be frank, it hasn’t always been easy; we’ve had to adjust our business model and make hard decisions at times. In the end, the results of all that effort are undeniable.

Our vision

Over time, we have seized opportunities to grow the business, relying on our customary financial discipline – embedded in our DNA – and always focusing on creating value for our shareholders and employees. We have grown from our convenience-only roots into one of the world’s leading merchandise and fuel destinations, never taking our eye off serving our customers and growing organically. We have also brought many tremendous assets into the network from across North America and Europe, leveraged by our merger and acquisition activities, in order to better serve our global customers.

Our journey

A milestone of the last year is the launch of our new strategic plan to deliver on our objective to double our financial results again.

While being undoubtedly ambitious, our strategy remains true to our core business and values, maximizing our strengths, and preparing the company for the future. Embedded in the strategy are fundamental elements of diversification, embracing market changes and building capabilities to grow both organically and through new business opportunities. Aligned with a clear vision and a strong commitment to our customers, our teams are pushing the boundaries of possibilities and moving forward together in our journey to become the world’s preferred destination for convenience and fuel.

As we look to the future of our business, we also recognize our responsibility for a more sustainable future for our global communities. Our recent commitment to communicate the company’s sustainability efforts more transparently is well under way, with a first Sustainability Report highlighting our initiatives from around the world. We are proud of this report, as it reflects the collaboration of our teams who are driving clear and impactful actions. With the inaugural building block of this journey now set, we look forward to giving you more insight into our three-year sustainability plan, which we expect to announce within this fiscal year.

I would like to communicate my deep appreciation to our people, our vendors, and our investors. We look forward to engaging with you as we continue to grow our story, a story of how we are daring to succeed while never forgetting our single-store roots in Québec.

Alain Bouchard