Lever Foundation to help Company connect Franchisees to Sustainable Suppliers

Expanding upon a pledge to sell cage-free whole eggs in its corporate stores by 2025, Alimentation Couche-Tard has now added its international franchised Circle K stores to this effort, making this a global effort by the brand.

Since initially announcing its plans to transition to cage-free eggs in 2019, Couche-Tard is well on its way to fulfilling this commitment by 2025 for its corporate stores, which represent more than two-thirds of its global network. As supply chains and adoption of cage free egg production continue to improve in North American and international markets, the company expects to build momentum toward the goal line in the coming years.

International franchisees operate more than 2,000 of Couche-Tard’s 14,300 stores and source the eggs sold in their stores from within their regions. For Circle K franchisees outside of Canada and the U.S. to commit to the company’s corporate goal to sell cage-free whole eggs by 2025, they needed access to reputable and sustainable suppliers, which until recently has been challenging in some regions.

To overcome these obstacles, Couche-Tard is working with Lever Foundation, a global non-profit organization dedicated to helping companies attain a more humane, safe and sustainable supply chain, with a focus on cage-free eggs. Lever has been working to provide egg producers with expert advice, materials and resources to help them shift toward cage-free production and is assisting Couche-Tard in connecting franchisees to those suppliers.

“Nowhere does our value of Doing the Right Thing come to life more than on our sustainability journey. We are constantly looking at ways we can do more and do better for our people, our customers, our planet and our prosperity,” said Helena Winberg, Director of Global Sustainability for Couche-Tard. “We are proud to engage our global franchise community on our commitment to selling cage-free eggs in our stores and grateful for the support of Lever Foundation in our efforts.”

To find out more about Couche-Tard’s Sustainability journey go to: Our Sustainability Journey - Alimentation Couche-Tard