Social Responsibility

Sustainable Development

We take seriously our responsibility to the environment and to the communities we serve. ACT is on a journey to adapt to environmental and ethical sourcing standards, and to be safe and environmentally responsible in all our activities

In Europe, we have adopted the EcoVadis platform to ensure that our suppliers are meeting international Corporate Social Responsibility standards through independently audited evaluation and analysis. The first evaluation of our suppliers started at the end of fiscal 2018.

We actively manage electricity and water consumption by employing energy-efficient and water-efficient technologies and conservation practices. For example, converting to LED lighting reduces electricity consumption by 90%. We reclaim and reuse water at more than 2,400 Car Wash locations, without compromising the quality of the wash.

Replacing touchless equipment with brush equipment reduces water consumption by as much as 50%. We are installing water reclaim and recapture systems, using detergents and conditioning chemicals certified to meet the Nordic Ecolabel or Swan environmental standards and offering HVO100—a climate-smart alternative to fossil diesel—to private cars in Sweden. HVO100 reduces carbon dioxide emissions by up to 90% compared with standard diesel.







Site Security

In fiscal 2018, Circle K Europe introduced our robbery policy compliance audit. This proactive approach includes focus on the full range of elements standard to all sites, including signage, training, portable alarms and professional support.


Food Safety

All our sites meet public standards for food safety, but we have introduced much more stringent requirements. While 68% of sites met these higher standards in 2016, we ended 2018 with more than 90% of sites audited and approved.

The Circle K Europe Food Safety strategy provides a consistent basis for managing food safety across the continent, including documentation, training materials for both e-learning and a new classroom approach, a hygiene policy, store audit checklists with new approval limits, two unannounced audits per store per year, food safety ‘‘station walks,’’ integration into compensation systems and standard procedures for food incidents, recalls and delivery temperatures.






Circle K Europe sold 11.7 billion litres of road transportation fuels in 2018. Of this total, 9% were biofuels, contributing to a CO2 reduction of 1.4 million tons. The European Union has mandated the use of 10% renewable fuels by 2020. We use a combination of low blend biodiesel, high blend biodiesel to certain customers in specific markets, and low blend bioethanol (in gasoline) to meet these requirements.






Sustainable Beverages

Coffee in Sweden and Denmark has long been certified with a focus on both human rights and environmental impact. In fiscal 2018, Circle K started its rollout of pan-European coffee certification through the Rainforest Alliance (RA); our fresh brewed tea is also RA certified. 

Our “Water Your Way” touchscreen solution offers choice and customization (multiple flavors, vitamins, energy, still, and sparkling), healthier and more nutritious products, plus environmental sustainability. Our refillable ‘‘smart bottle’’ helps reduce waste.





The Corporation recognizes and embraces the benefits of a diverse Board and Executive team and sees this as a competitive advantage in serving a diverse customer base. We have instituted a detailed diversity policy in order to achieve and maintain diversity (including gender diversity) in Board and ExecutiveOfficer positions. This policy sets out the guidelines by which the Corporation endeavours to promote diversity and inclusion throughout the organization.



Community Involvement and Donations

Our people around the world serve nine million customers every single day. That’s almost
3.3 billion interactions a year, in all their richness and diversity! Because of this constant broad exposure, they are deeply rooted in their communities. Local management and employees make most decisions about community involvement and support on the ground, including volunteer contribution of their own time—and they truly make a difference, wherever they are.

The company donates money directly in some cases, but our stores and regional Business Units also sponsor little league baseball, hockey, soccer, skating, basketball, football and lacrosse teams, golf tournaments and fundraising social events to raise money for children’s charities such as breakfast clubs and the Make a Wish® Foundation and firefighters’ toy drives, health organizations from hospitals to the Red Cross, cancer research, Heart and Stroke, mental health, efforts to fight domestic violence and drunk driving, disaster recovery aid, museums, Habitat for Humanity, the Special Olympics, the United Way, the March of Dimes and many more.

Almost 400 Circle K and Mac’s locations in North America participate in our Fueling Our Schools donation program, which raises money year-round—$730,000 this year—to help schools buy what they need most, from technology to teaching tools. Once a year, on Fuel Up Night, we donate ten times more for one day, while celebrating with our communities.