Open Circle K Sweden launches the Rescued Coffee project configuration options In Sweden, Circle K has launched a new sustainability project Rescued Coffee with their coffee supplier Löfbergs. Rescued Coffee aims to reduce coffee waste by combining three different kinds of roasts that would otherwise risk being wasted at the roasting house. After a successful pilot, the coffee is now being launched in Circle K stores nationwide. A total of 13 tons of coffee will be rescued in 2021, which ensures a saving of about 60 tons of CO2 and a decrease in the use of pesticides by 140 kg.

For many reasons, coffee can be removed from production flow and cannot be sold. Sometimes the bar code or the package might be damaged, other times the roasting or grinding level is not exactly as expected. However, the quality of the coffee is unchanged at a high level, so the Rescued Coffee project ensures the good quality product doesn’t go to waste unnecessarily.

Every way that can decrease food waste is welcomed with open arms, and we are really happy to be working with Löfbergs in this project. We sell 11 million cups of coffee every year in Sweden and take coffee very seriously. That is why the flavor scheme and the uniqueness of this coffee have been a big part of the process. During our test phase this spring, the coffee sold out quicker than expected, so the customers are really with us in this.

Martin Stenberg, Senior Category Manager at Circle K Sweden

Löfbergs’s coffee experts use different kinds of coffee in this project and combine them to a unique blend according to supply. It means that every batch has a totally unique flavor, and it is available for the same price as a regular coffee.  

We love to help our customers to make easy sustainable choices, and this coffee is a no-brainer - you simply choose a better option that at the same time is unique in flavour and helps minimize food waste. Do good by drinking good, so to speak.

Erika Söderlund, communications manager at Circle K Sweden states

Circle K kicked off the launch with a vibrant journalist and influencer evening event at Löfbergs’s roast house in Stockholm. The partnership has gained lots of coverage, including an article in one of Sweden’s trendiest lifestyle magazines, Scandinavian MIND.

This is a great initiative that contributes to waste reduction and showcases how we work with our suppliers to promote environmentally and socially responsible practices and also how the company continue to growth in its sustainable journey to attend its goals.

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