Social Responsibility

Outstanding People


Why do successful businesses achieve more than others? Why do the most preferred businesses behave in ways that set them apart? The answers to these questions – and many more – are in their DNA. DNA is a fundamental building block of life. It evolves slowly to provide a unique “signature” for all living things.

Couche-Tard’s DNA defines our family. It makes us what we are, different from all the others. We describe our DNA as “ACT with PRIDE”. ACT with PRIDE represents the essence of our company. It is our guide to the Couche-Tard way of doing things.

Our DNA says “we take pride in People, Results, Improvement, Development and Entrepreneurship”:

  • PEOPLE make us stand out from our competitors. We take an interest in our customers and connect with them to create long-lasting relationships – every chance we get.
  • RESULTS matter. Our stores and stations are our livelihood. The customer experience we deliver is what generates value for our stakeholders.
  • IMPROVEMENT drives us. We continuously seek to improve our processes and performance, working in teams to learn from each other and from the best.
  • DEVELOPMENT is always looking ahead. We are hungry for growth, developing our business customer by customer, store by store and nation by nation.
  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP means that we challenge ourselves every day to think like customers and act like owners.

Enabling Potential

We are committed to providing a safe and stimulating work environment for all our people. We offer competitive compensation, training and development opportunities for every employee. We ensure equity and equality in all our employment practices and policies. We seek to recruit, develop, reward and retain our employees on the basis of ability, engagement and performance. Couche-Tard’s decentralized business model encourages its people to think like customers and act like owners by addressing local business needs with local solutions.

Career Development Opportunities

We want our employees to work in an environment in which respect, diversity, excellence, collaboration and commitment prevail and where employees feel valued. High performers should be able to choose from a range of local, national and international career opportunities within the organization.

Couche-Tard is proud of the great opportunities it offers to its employees in its global landscape. We are excited to provide international exposure and cross-cultural experiences to as many employees as we can.

Competence Development Opportunities

Improvement drives us. Developing expertise specific to our industry is a priority to Couche-Tard. Employee training and professional development are pivotal to our success. We continually seek to improve our processes and performance, working in teams to learn from each other and from the best.

In-house Training

We have an effective mix of training methods including computer-based and on-the-job training, classrooms with in-house trainers and remote learning with dedicated academies in our North American and European markets. We invest almost 2.5% of our total annual salaries in the training and professional development of our employees. Most importantly, we strive to give our people opportunities to grow and excel.

Tuition Reimbursement and Scholarships

We want our employees to have every opportunity to acquire new knowledge and improve their competence. To support them in their efforts, we recently established a tuition reimbursement program in our North American business units.

We also realize that in some cases it takes not just hard work but also educational funding for employees to achieve their goals. In 2014, scholarships were distributed to a number of employees in Central Canada, Québec and the Atlantic Regions. In 2015, the Québec/Atlantic Scholarships Program was extended to include employees’ dependents. Scholarships are also offered to selected employees across Europe.

The tuition reimbursement and the scholarship programs are important means of recognizing the work of our employees.

Employee Well-Being

In our European operations, a range of programs have been established to support employees in challenging circumstances. Examples include our robbery and violence prevention program.

An assistance program providing professional counseling is available to all employees in our North American business units. In some divisions, the assistance is also available to employee’s dependents. The program offers professional help for relationship and family issues, work-related and personal issues, dependency problems and legal and financial problems as well as child- and eldercare questions.

People make us stand out. We believe in making the most of them.